The German-Russian Dictionary of Art
Art (De-Ru) 1031→1049

The Dictionary contains about 9,000 terms related to painting, graphic arts, architecture, sculpture, applied arts, restoration, etc.
Additionally, the Dictionary covers the following subjects: “Art Styles and Epochs”, “Museums and Galleries”, “Foreign Names of Painters” and some others.
The Dictionary is intended for art critics, art school students, curators, journalists, guides, and for all those who read about art.

The German-Russian Automobile and Automotive Service Dictionary
AutoService (De-Ru) 1031→1049

The Dictionary contains about 31,000 terms related to automobiles, operation and maintenance of automotive vehicles, tractors and other trackless vehicles, as well as traffic management and car service.

The German-Russian Dictionary of Chemistry and Chemical Technology
Chemistry (De-Ru) 1031→1049

The Dictionary contains about 56,000 terms related to organic, inorganic, physical, analytical chemistry, petrochemistry, chemical processes, and process vessels.

The German-Russian Dictionary of Communications
Communication (De-Ru) 1031→1049

The dictionary contains various trite expressions, including standard phrases embodying speech etiquette as well as descriptions and images of mimics and gestures specific to nations.
Trite expressions are stylistically labeled, translated into Russian and provided together with the description of their usage prerequisites. Practical usage of the vocabulary entries in speech is illustrated using examples of dialogs and their translations.
The dictionary is intended for philology students as well as a wide audience interested in the German language.

The German-Russian Dictionary of Economics
Economics (De-Ru) 1031→1049

This German-Russian Dictionary of Economics contains around 50,000 terms related to various branches of economics, including finance, banking, bourses, industries, marketing, commerce, logistics, sociology, statistics, and labour law. The Dictionary is intended for economists, scholars, translators, teachers, university students, and all those who read German texts on economics.

German Russian Forum Dictionary
ForumDictionary (De-Ru) 1031→1049

The German-Russian People's Dictionary was compiled as a complement to the German-Russian Common Vocabulary Dictionary – Universal (De-Ru).
The main source of new entries was the "Добавим в Lingvo!" ("Let's add this to Lingvo") forum (http://forum.lingvo.ru). All new words and phrases proposed by participants of the forum and visitors to the site were analyzed by Lingvo lexicographers, who validated the relevance and frequency. Authoritative lexicographical sources and online resources were used for the purposes of validation. Entries that are based upon forum discussions contain references to the relevant discussions. Most entries ​​have original illustrative examples.

The Russian-German and German-Russian Medical Dictionary
Medical (De-Ru) 1031→1049

The Dictionary contains about 70,000 terms which cover all the fields of modern medicine, including its theoretical and applied aspects, immunology, genetics, radiology, biochemistry, etc.
The Dictionary has been compiled to meet the needs of researchers, practising physicians, university professors and students, as well as translators of medical literature.

German-Russian Dictionary of Milk and Dairy Products Technology
Milk (De-Ru) 1031→1049

This dictionary contains more than 10,000 terminology phrases. It includes biochemical, microbiological, and economics-related terms that are required for work with industry-related literature and technical and economic documentation. The dictionary contains the names of cheeses from 45 cheese-producing countries with explanations specifying the meanings of words and terminological and stylistic labels.
This dictionary is intended for dairy technology and industrial agriculture specialists, employees of standards agencies, sanitary inspections, the wholesale and retail trade, as well as for translators, teachers, students, and the wider audience interested in food technologies.

The German-Russian Polytechnical Dictionary
Polytechnical (De-Ru) 1031→1049

This is an impression of the 1973 edition. The Dictionary offers good coverage of all major areas of science and technology and is intended for scholars, engineers, technicians, teachers, students, and technical translators

The comprehensive German-Russian dictionary
Universal (De-Ru) 1031→1049

The dictionary contains entries with a detailed description, as well as illustrative examples and phraseological expressions. Along with commonly used words, the dictionary contains terminology from various professional fields. The present-day lexicon that was included in the dictionary reflects the current state of the language, the brisk growth of information technology, and new trends in various spheres of culture.
The dictionary provides a solid foundation for learning the German language.
The dictionary is intended for a wide audience with varying degrees of language competence. It will be useful both for those who use German in their professional activities - linguists, translators, teachers - and those who are learning German and interested in it.