The French-Russian Active Dictionary
Active (Fr-Ru) 1036→1049

The dictionary covers over 150,000 words and phrases of the contemporary French language and includes a large number of collocations. Illustrative material points at typical lexical, structural and grammatical differences between the two languages. Russian words are accompanied by their grammar characteristics. For learners of the Russian language in French-speaking countries. The dictionary will also be useful for learners of the French language.

The French-Russian and Russian-French Dictionary of Business
Business (Fr-Ru) 1036→1049

The French-Russian part of this Dictionary contains about 13,000 terms, while the Russian-French one contains about 13,000 terms relating to negotiations, visiting industrial objects, solving financial, custom and everyday problems, as well as translating contracts, business letters, technical documentation kits. The information provided in the Dictionary is of great use and interest to businessmen, business students and translators.

The French-Russian Dictionary of Chemistry and Chemical Technology
Chemistry (Fr-Ru) 1036→1049

The French-Russian Dictionary of Chemistry and Chemical Technology

The New Comprehensive French-Russian Phraseological Dictionary
Idioms (Fr-Ru) 1036→1049

The New Comprehensive French-Russian Phraseological Dictionary is the most complete of all the existing French-Russian phraseological dictionaries. It has been compiled on the basis of the French-Russian phraseological dictionary edited by Y.I. Retsker. The Dictionary now has updated and renewed expressions, quotations and examples.
The dictionary is meant for specialists working with the French language, translators, researchers, teachers, students, and for all those who are interested in the French language, as well as for foreign specialists who study the Russian language.

The French-Russian Law Dictionary
Law (Fr-Ru) 1036→1049

The Dictionary contains 35,000 entries covering the legal terminology of France and French-speaking countries. The Dictionary includes terms related to the theory of state law, constitutional law, international law, financial law, commercial law, civil law, criminal law, and criminology. Some entries are provided with concise comments.
The Dictionary mainly reflects legal terminology as used in France, but many terms used in other French-speaking countries are also included. Practically all of the terms have been taken from original French texts, laws, codes, and acts of the French Republic. Russian translations conform to the current Russian legal usage.

The French-Russian Medical Dictionary
Medical (Fr-Ru) 1036→1049

The Dictionary contains about 56,000 terms related to human anatomy and physiology, prevention and therapeutics, surgery, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, dermatology, venerology, parasitology, immunology, pharmacology, histology, genetics, cytology, radiology, space medicine, biochemistry, biophysics, and medical equipment.
The Dictionary is intended for medical students, interns, teachers of medical schools, doctors, scholars, and translators.

The French-Russian Dictionary of Oil and Gas
OilAndGas (Fr-Ru) 1036→1049

French-Russian Dictionary of Oil and Gas contains about 24,000 terms from major branches of oil and gas industry: oil geology, field and borehole geophysics, well-boring, oil and gas fields exploitation, transport and refinement of oil and gas. Besides, the Dictionary contains about 450 French abbreviations.
The Dictionary has been compiled to meet the needs of those who work at the enterprises of oil anf gas industry, translators, professors, students and postgraduates of oil and gas colleges and universities.

The New French-Russian Polytechnical Dictionary
Polytechnical (Fr-Ru) 1036→1049

The dictionary contains 70,000 terms and 4,000 acronyms spanning the major areas of science and technology, such as electronics, power engineering, automation, metallurgy, construction, transportation, physics, chemistry, and others.
It also contains terminology relating to computing systems and information technologies, computer networks, telecommunications, television, and video equipment.
The dictionary lists French acronyms and English acronyms most widely used in French technical publications with their Russian equivalents.
The dictionary is meant for students, postgraduate students, instructors, translators, and researchers.

The New French-Russian Dictionary
Universal (Fr-Ru) 1036→1049

The New French-Russian Dictionary is the most comprehensive French-Russian dictionary currently available on the market. The dictionary contains more than 70,000 entries and 200,000 words and expressions. The Dictionary reflects the French language as spoken today and includes many words and expressions that are ususally labelled as argot or taboo, but are now commonly used in fiction and in the media. The Dictionary is based on the latest French monolingual dictionaries and includes all the words from Petit Robert and Petit Larousse, the best single-volume French dictionaries.
Detailed entries contain idioms and terms, supplied with grammar, style and usage labels. Pronunciation and spelling peculiarities are also indicated wherever required.
The Dictionary is intended for linguists and for all those interested in the French language. This is a companion volume to the Active French-Russian Dictionary by V.G. Gak and J, Triomphe, which was specifically designed for French-speaking students of Russian.