The Italian-Russian Automobile Dictionary
Auto (It-Ru) 1040→1049

The Dictionary contains about 16,000 terms related to automobiles and other vehicles, as well as the characteristics of different makes of car, their units, and assemblages. The Dictionary covers design, laboratory and road tests, materials, technological processes, new devices aimed to make driving easier, service and maintenance, active and passive car safety, ecology, transportation and routing, and car insurance (which is mandatory in Italy). The Dictionary is intended for specialists who read texts in the original, translators, and students.

The Italian-Russian Dictionary of Economics
Economics (It-Ru) 1040→1049

The Dictionary contains about 30,000 terms refecting the language of present-day economics, exchage trade and insurance. Detailed treatment is given to terms relating to accounting, contacts, law, etc.
The Dictionary has been compiled to meet the needs of specialists, researchers, translators, businessmen and university students.

The Italian-Russian Medical Dictionary
Medical (It-Ru) 1040→1049

The Dictionary contains about 30,000 terms related to all areas of modern medicine, including theoretical and practical medicine, immunology, genetics, radiology, and biochemistry. The Dictionary is supplied with an index of Russian and Latin terms which can be used when translating texts from Russian into Italian.
The Dictionary is intended for medical students, interns, teachers of medical schools, doctors, scholars, and translators.

The New Comprehensive Italian-Russian Dictionary
Universal (It-Ru) 1040→1049

The Dictionary contains more than 300,000 words and phrases of contemporary Italian. Detailed entries contain extensive information about collocations and idioms. The Dictionary offers good coverage of scientific, media, technical, and sports terms.
The Dictionary is intended for linguists, translators, teachers, and students of Italian. The Dictionary can also be used by Italian students of Russian.