The Kazakh-Russian Index to the Comprehensive Russian-Kazakh Dictionary of Economics
Economics (Kk-Ru) 1087→1049

The Comprehensive Kazakh-Russian Dictionary of Economics includes over 80,000 terms from various branches of economics: market economics, finance, credits, budgeting, banking, taxation, customs, insurance, controls, stock exchange, business, management, audit, planning, supplies, investment, marketing, accounting, statistics, international trade, business, commerce, social security, labour, employment, demographics, migration, workflow.
The terms are arranged alphabetically. In compiling the Dictionary, the author studied the legislation and regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The Dictionary entries provide brief definitions of the main terms and business slang words. The supplement, which consists of eight sections, includes Russian and Kazakh equivalents of international abbreviations, monetary units, trade terms, terms of delivery, metric and non-metric units, and gestures used on the floor of a stock exchange.
The Dictionary is intended for employees of state enterprises and organizations, businessmen, post-graduates and students studying economics and finance, journalists, translators, secretarial staff working with documents in Kazakh, and for anyone interested in the subject.