The Russian-Spanish Dictionary
Essential (Ru-Es) 1049→1034

The Dictionary contains about 50,000 entries which cover the contempopary Russian language of literature and daily speech. The Dictionary includes phraseology, political and scientific terms, included such fields as finance, taxes, law, economics, informatics, etc. The Dictionary has been enriched with terms relating to different religions and cultures as well as with colloquialisms and slang words.
Spanish translations are provided on the basis of the Spanish language spoken in Spain, the peculiarities of the Latin American region are also taken into consideration.
The Dictionary has been compiled to meet the needs of many specialists working with Spanish, translators, and university professors and students.

Russian-Spanish dictionary
Universal (Ru-Es) 1049→1034

This dictionary includes 52,475 common words, meanings, and expressions of modern Spanish and Russian. Words with multiple meanings are represented by key meanings with example sentences of their use.
The end of each part of the dictionary is accompanied by a separate list of geographical names.
The dictionary is most useful in preparing for Spanish language exams, and particularly for the Unified State Exam.
The dictionary is ideal for schoolchildren and students, as well as for all students of the Spanish language.